What's that?

      'sa cat..

No, this one...

      This one?


     Boy, daddy! daddy boy, gottafind boy...

"Apple - A"

      Ap- that boy! Cat, kitty cat..

What's that?

      s'Kitty cat...

Yeah, what's this one?

      Kitty cat.

What's this one.

     Kitty Cat.

This, this is a doggie...

[something falls down with a crash]

      UH OH!

What's this?

      UH OH!

Yeah, it fall down go boom.

      Faw'down boom...

Yeah, what's this..

      woooa'sham pourrr

Did you go bonkers?


What's this one...

      That's kitty cat. Kitty cat gone purr. Kitty cat.

What's kitty cat?

      Um, kitty cat.

"Cat - C"