'Kay, Donna say...Donna say "Fire up!"

[big sigh]

No say "fire up!"...here, gimme, gimme five!

--no, no, leyyy...dop!

Okay, you wanna see the tape recorder?

-tape toyrr--

Can you say 'Dynomite'!


All right, fire up!

--[over] NO! NOOO! NO!



'Kay...what show do you like? Do you like to hear Sesame? Do you like Sesame?


Do you like this tape recorder?

--tape tohhh...

Is it nifty?


No? Say 'nifty'!


Say 'nifty' to the tape recorder - say "Niftyyyy!"


Yeah! Say 'far out!'

[big sigh]


--fouf fout..wout...

How old are you? Can you say 'two'? Say 'two'!